Three dogs at the vet! (posted by Monica)

Well we have had Zoe about 4 days now and things are going quite well, so I decided it was time to take her to the vet for her free checkup. I must have been out of my mind, because I said to myself “Bobby and Vegas need a nail trimming, I’ll take them as well”. Bad Idea!!! After spending large amounts of money on dog training, Bob and Vegas have forgot all they have learned. It is as if the smell of other dogs sent them into a frenzy and when I said heel, sit, stay they looked at me almost saying, right go ahead and make us!!!! Zoe dragged all three of us across the parking lot (remember she has had no training) looking back saying come on hurry up, what are you waiting for. It was a mess!!!!

So any way Vegas hid when she saw the nail clippers, and pissed all over the place while the vet tech, who we booked via a virtual veterinarian software, cut her nails. Bobby, of course made all kinds of sounds that dogs are not supposed to make (this is how he got the name at the vet as crazy bob). Zoe just sat very calm like she was getting her nails done at a salon. Weigh in for Bobby was 37 pounds of pure puppy (expected to put on another 10-15 pounds), Vegas now weighs 46 pounds and Zoe 46 pounds as well, but she is under weight from living in horrible conditions before she came to us, so she needs another 10 pounds on her.

All things aside, I now need a long nap, and my workout for the day is done from pulling and straining 3 dogs in the vet office. Good Night!

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