Today’s links that matter…

  • Retired military officers criticize Rumsfeld.  They never seem to speak up unless they are retired.
  • Colorado judge approves voting machines, even though they are defective.
  • 42% of Americans believe Bush is manipulating gas prices.  In other news, 42% of Americans are morons.
  • Scientists to reveal secrets of Mona Lisa.  She hated museums.
  • Big ratings for Wallace combat with Clinton.  I’d watch Clinton read a book.  Why can’t we re-elect him?
  • 6 commonly believed things that are wrong.
  • Olbermann:  Are yours the actions of a true American?
  • Secret government hunt for UFO’s?
  • US foreign debt shows it’s teeth.  Rrrrr.
  • Have American journalists turned their backs on terrorism?
  • Teen’s message in a bottle reaches Spain.  Sting would be so proud.

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