Weekly Poker Tournament posted by Jill

To get around the legalities of gambling –some of the local bars have been holding Texas hold’ em tournaments – w/ free entries. A bar/ restaurant in Newark, DE holds a tournament like this every Tues and Thurs –with a small prize of $100 and $35 gift card for the bar.

I attended last week and this week and it’s fun. The ratio to men vs women is huge – I was one of 6 or seven both times –the other 40-50 were guys. This week I only lasted about an hour….I was dealt big slick –and only two people were in for the flop ..the flop comes and it’s 3, 3, K. I’m holding the best hand on the table except for trips. My guy checks and I bet 1,000 ($5,000 was our total stake). He matches and goes all in –but this guy has been bluffing (and showing his cards each time) A LOT. So I’m a jerk and I meet him all in. He flips over K, 9. I’m golden. Nope. The turn was a 9 – his Kings and 9s bury me –except the river was another freak’n 9 –adding insult to injury his full boat kicked my ass! I’m going back next week for more – some of them really know how to play and I’m hoping to improve my game….

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