Beware the wild card…


I don’t mention it much here, but some of you know I play in a billiards league.  Over the last four sessions or so my team has managed to come in 4th, and so we never got to play in the end of session tournament.  Well, this past session we came in tied for 4th, again.  There is a drawing at the end of every session to determine a wild card team, and we managed to get drawn, finally.  So for the first time we got a chance to play in the tournament.

This evening we played the team that finished first, and we beat them without losing a single match.   Next week we’ll play to see who finishes first, so we are guaranteed to finish in 2nd place at a minimum.

Just wanted to take a second to congratulate Dave, Greg and Lance, who played really great tonight.

I’ll let you all know how it turns out next week, keep us in mind next Wednesday!

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