Blam! Blam!


So I was trying to think of something to do with Tyler today while Monica went to her scrapbooking thing…  I have been telling Tyler stories about my fabled shooting abilities for years and decided we would go to the gun range, as Ty had never shot before.

When we get there I learned this is still a great country, as you don’t even have to fill out a form, just hand over your driver’s license and they’ll hand you and your 14 year old son a weapon and boxes of ammo, no problem.  They had just about every handgun I could think of, but since this was Tyler’s first time I wanted to get something reasonable.  I finally settled on a .357 magnum.  It’s a ridiculously overpowered gun, but it’s heavy which makes it easy to aim.

Pics show how we made out, two of the targets are from 50 feet, and Tyler is a natural.

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