Four years…

It’s been four years since my father, the legendary Denny Colello, passed away.  My brother sent this email, which I’m posting here with his permission:

Took the family to Atlantic City yesterday. Last night I shot craps (normally don’t do anymore) because it was exactly the four year mark for Dad and that is all he ever played.  Twice I threw down a fiver on the hard four, Dad’s favorite bet……………lost both of those bets………..where was Dad?  Not at the craps table.

This morning…….Kristi, me and the kids are walking the boardwalk.  Anthony talks me into buying something to feed the sea-gulls with.  I go get two hotdogs for $1.99, throw the disgusting meat away (okay, I ate one) and we sit down to feed the sea-gulls with the hot dog buns.

In a millisecond, there are a million birds around us and we are laughing hysterically. I cannot believe none of us get hit with a dropping.  Anthony puts a piece of bread on his shoe, a bird pecked him hard, and we laughed like crazy. People walking by are stopping to watch us …..really fun stuff.

I look up and see the huge RESORTS sign.  No b/s, I didn’t even notice we were near RESORTS, since we never gamble there, I don’t think I have even noticed the sign for RESORTS in 5 or 6 years. I can’t remember Dad (or us) staying anywhere else.  I haven’t even been in there since.

100 yards to my right is the exact picnic table that sat me, DAD, and Frank Fischer 15 years ago one Saturday afternoon.  Dad had won thousands of dollars that day; and was feeling giddy.  We sat at that picnic table and Dad fed the birds, we laughed hard; and people eating near us were very angry that so many birds were around. He was feeding them underneath the table and no one could figure out why the birds were everywhere…….he had the dumb grin on his face the whole time.

Don’t know why he didn’t help me on the hard four though.

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