The Avengers

I am a fan of the recent Marvel superhero movies.  Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and especially Captain America.  The Avengers is better than all of those.  All of the heros in The Avengers get a moment to shine on screen, even Nick Fury.  Going into the movie I was a little disappointed to know that Loki was going to be the main protagonist, but after seeing the film I can see why this was the case.  The Avengers ties a lot of the previous movies together, and having Thor’s brother as the bad guy made that more efficient.  It’s a long movie, but when it was over I didn’t feel beat up and ready for the story to be over the way I do when trying to watch an entire Harry Potter movie.  Even the Lord of the Rings movies seems too long to me, but thanks to a great story and even better dialog I never became impatient during The Avengers.

The standout from The Avengers is clearly The Hulk.  You spend most of the movie waiting for him to appear and it’s amazing when he finally goes on a rampage.  At two points during the movie The Hulk actually got applause from the audience.

Highly recommended, I can’t wait to see it again.  Let’s hope The Avengers 2 is half as good!

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