The Expendables 2

This past weekend while visiting with family in Pennsylvania I had the opportunity to go see The Expendables 2.  My brother, my wife’s Uncle Jay, my nephew Anthony and I had a great time.  So many action stars, one liners, and bullets!  Make no mistake, this movie will not sweep the Academy Awards, but it’s a throwback to the glorious days of the true action movie.  Where else can you see Sly, Arnold, Bruce, Chuck, Dolph, Jet, Chuck and more shoot bad guys and punch and kick their way through a two hour movie?

If you grew up in the 80’s you’ll love this sequel, it’s over the top, silly, and just great.  My favorite thing about The Expendables 2 was the chance to see Jean Claude Van Damme up on the big screen again.  He’s the bad guy here and he really did a great job.  Someone ought to put this guy in a big budget movie, I know it sounds silly but he’s actually underrated as an actor.

All things being equal, I thought the first Expendables was the better movie, but this one is bigger for sure and it’s a great way to kill a couple of hours.  It’s pure entertainment the way they don’t make ’em any more.


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