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Cedar Point (posted by Jill)


Cedar point was amazing – great coasters….attached is a pic of the ride Nikki rode – and her harness came undone….unreal – it was a huge swinging ride that spun….she told the guy running it when it was over -and they put someone in her seat the very next run….scary thrill ride…. it went 70mph and had a height of 140ft….

Misc pet peeves (posted by Jill)

Fake grill marks on highly processed foods. Who is this fooling?

People that used to smoke, but now see it as a disgusting habit that everyone should quit.

Morons who think DaVinci code has been written as non-fiction.


The double down on an eleven that gives you 16 against the dealer’s 20.

Kip Winger.

Bouquet toss’s at weddings.

Weddings in general. Why do I want to ruin my Saturday?