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The Hot Water Heater Debacle

So yesterday morning I notice there is no hot water in the shower.  I figure Tyler used it all getting ready for school and I make a mental note to yell at him when I get home from work.  After work there is still no hot water.  Our hot water heater is about a year old, I put it in last summer.  So I go to look at it and the pilot flame is out.  I try to start it and it won’t stay lit.  By this time it’s late, so I wait until today to investigate futher.

Today I look online and find out I probably need a new thingy called a thermocoupler.  This is the device that tells the hot water heater the pilot light is working.  So I drive to Lowe’s, and buy a new one.  $8, not bad.  It takes me about an hour to take everything apart and put the new thing in.  Try to fire it up, and it still doesn’t work.

So I call Whirlpool, and they decide I need a new gas valve.  Awesome.  So they give me a part number and I drive to Lowe’s.  They don’t have it, and send me to a Lowe’s 10 miles away.  Finally get back, and discover I have to drain the heater to replace the valve.  So I grab my buddy’s Joe’s garden hose from next door because it’s closer than the one in my backyard.  Finally it’s drained and it takes me about 45 minutes to tear it all apart again.  Put it all back together and boom, we’re cooking with gas.

I go to wrap up the hose and discover that at some point during all of this I ran it over with my car and bent the end of it.  So now I have to buy Joe a new garden hose.  So I’m out $8 for the thermocoupler thingy, $50 for the gas valve (which I should get back), and $20 or whatever for a new garden hose.

I will never buy Whirlpool again, obviously.

G-Money. 1996-2010

I got word from my brother that a long time Colello passed away early this morning.  Ginger (G-Love, G, G-Money, The Sauce) was a Colello family institution, it’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t in the picture.  Below are my brother’s words:

Ginger, the best dog in the world.

7/1/1996 – 11/27/2010

I’m sorry to say that Ginger passed away early this morning at the age of 14.

A lot can happen in 14 years…………………Kristi and I got married…………two perfect kids……………four different jobs…………… moved from Wyoming to Alabama to Florida to Delaware to Pennsylvania…………..and along the way always came our best friend, Ginger.

I have tons of great stories about this dog:

– Camping with Ginger and the Wrights in Rocky Mountain National Park, remember she got scared and had to sleep in the tent?

– The stealing of our kid’s food…… it any wonder why our kids are so skinny?  I swear Ginger practically stalked them in the early years.

– Sneaking Ginger into countless hotel rooms with a “no pet’ policy

– After a night on the town in Cheyenne with Rocky………eating spaghetti, meatballs, and bread with Ginger

– Jason D and Mike K helping me build a fence in Delaware for Ginger.

– My cousin Joe helping me build a backyard ramp so Ginger would have an easier time coming up and down the steps.

– Ginger riding “shotgun” in a 24 foot moving truck with me as we drove from Florida to Delaware……..everyone honked their horns at us!

– Every night trying to “con” us into a 2nd dinner………if I fed her……..she would go to Kristi for dinner as soon as I left the room.

– The kids wrestling with Ginger and playing great games with her such as BULLDOZER and RIDE THE BULL

– Trying to pass Ginger off as a seeing eye dog on a New Jersey Boardwalk……..this did not last long as the cops threw us off almost immediately.

– Finding Ginger sleeping illegally on the couch almost every morning, with a guilty look in her eyes.

– Sneaking Ginger into the drive in movie theater

– Ginger pulling down a pan of grease from the stove and eating it all…… least two pounds of it!

– The countless knocked over trash cans.

– On a beach in Pensacola…….Ginger came up to us with the biggest, ugliest, smelliest dead fish in her mouth……she smelled bad for weeks.

– The constant stealing of bread from the “bread drawer” in Wyoming.

This dog was truly a part of our family……………and we will miss her greatly.

Thanks for reading.