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Cedar Point (posted by Jill)


Cedar point was amazing – great coasters….attached is a pic of the ride Nikki rode – and her harness came undone….unreal – it was a huge swinging ride that spun….she told the guy running it when it was over -and they put someone in her seat the very next run….scary thrill ride…. it went 70mph and had a height of 140ft….

Tyler’s drug of choice…

Monica took Tyler to the dentist today, he had to have three teeth pulled because there is no room in his mouth for the teeth still coming in. They were about to start when Tyler asked for “the gas”, because “I had it last time.” So a little while later, three teeth successfully removed, there is Tyler laughing uncontrollably at the dentist. I’m out $86, but at least Ty got his fix. 🙂