Dallas – New update

So today began the single-elimination round of the TAP Nationals tournament.  There is a lot of great competition, and all day each team we faced was better than the last.

Somehow we managed to win through all day today, and made it to the final four.

Tomorrow will decide who the champions are, but we’ve already exceeded any reasonable expectations.


Dallas – Update

So yesterday during the seeding round we managed to score 10 out of 15 possible points.  That should be more than enough to put us on the championship board tomorrow.  Today we have off while the singles events are running, so Charlie, Paul and I took a small side trip to the Dallas World Aquarium which is nearby.  Also went and saw where JFK was assassinated.  (I was surprised at how close the shooter was to the car.)

Some pics (and videos) below of the trip so far, some from the tournament, a few from today.  Videos at bottom of page.

Grassy knoll (Medium) Hotel (Medium) aquarium (3) (Medium) Aquarium sloth (Medium) tourney (Medium) aquarium (Medium) Paul aquarium (Medium) Ron Tourney (Medium) Lance Tourney (Medium) Chad Charlie (Medium) aquarium (2) (Medium) Paul Tourney (Medium) room (2) (Medium) room (3) (Medium) room (Medium)


Closet Tech

So for years and years I have added devices to the home network, and basically once they were configured they were shoved behind a desk on the floor.  So after a short while it became a huge tangle of wires and if you needed to get to anything you could lay on the floor and root around until you found the right thing to reboot.  This system worked well as long as everything was working or as long as the cats decided to leave the bundle alone.

Cable modem, router, switch, ooma internet phone, server, wifi access point, power over ethernet adaptor, etc.

Since moving into the new house I promised Monica I would get everything off of the floor and out of the way.  The solution I came up with isn’t super pretty, but it’s all in a little used closet and mounted to a wall where you can get to everything easily.  One piece of plywood, some screws…

Closet tech


Rick vs Go-Cart

This text below sent from my brother Rick to me:

At the west sales meeting, the event was super-fast go-carts.

Well, there was an epic spin out crash, and I went backwards.   Somehow my foot left the cart and was run over by my own wheel.

It skidded for a while with my foot pinned to the asphalt and then stopped........with my foot still stuck under the wheel.

Thought for sure it was broken, but it was not.  Just tons of swelling, some road rash and lost skin..........and a ruined pair of shoes.

Props to JP for hanging out in the emergency room with me for 2 hours.

Sometimes having fun gets you into trouble.

go cart injury

no cast

It's the least you can do.