Damn cameras…

So late LAST YEAR I run a red light.  I get a nice picture of myself in the mail, along with a nice fine.  I pay the fine, which is nice, and it’s all over, which is also nice.  But two months ago I get a letter from the MVD that even though I paid the fine they have now decided that I will have to attend a defensive driving class in addition to paying the fine.  Normally since I’m being so blatantly ripped off I would consider throwing the notice away and forgetting about it, but the letter also stated that if I did not attend driving school they would automatically suspend my license.  Nice.  So I spent today (Sunday) watching one mind-numbing video after another for 8 hours.  Now, obviously I am currently disgusted because I spent all day on nothing, but I think this is proof that big brother is getting out of control.  It’s not enough that I automatically get a fine, but even much later after the fine has been paid and forgotten about they get to decide that I need to pay to watch videos produced in 1970.  One of the videos had M.C. Hammer in it for crying out loud!

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