Today’s links that matter…

  • Cingular’s one-way contract.  Nothing like getting it from the man.  🙂
  • 50 Smartest Things to Do With Your Money.  I like to invest my money in Denny’s double bacon cheeseburgers.
  • An Artificial Heart That Doesn’t Beat.  Like Cheny, only with technology.
  • Top Republican Says Ney Should Resign.  I say they should all resign.  Or be executed.  Something.
  • There is a new Lamborghini.  I still haven’t purchased the old Lamborghini.
  • How to switch from Linux to Windows.
  • Convicted killer freed on DNA evidence.
  • $2500 DIY car.  Probably won’t look much like a Lamborghini.
  • ATM hack discovered.
  • Free whoppers whenever you want.  Part one of the new series:  How to Steal Everything You Need.
  • Liberty Dollar Says No to Mint Allegations.
  • Free browser-based game.  Evolution.

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