Happy Father’s Day


 It’s hard to believe how much time has gone by since my father passed away, things just move along I guess.  For Father’s Day, I took a few minutes to jot down some Denny quotes, those of you who knew my father will be amused.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you can think of any others.

“Isn’t this somethin’?.”

“That’s how you’re goin’?”

“You’re ready to go, right?”

“I know what yinse should do…”

“Look at the head on that.”

“You look like the guy who ate Chucky Ross.”

“Hey, you know what I mean?”

“I’m having a heart attack, you selfish b*tch!”



“Gotta have somethin’.”

“Ooooo, what’s that?”

“My hoagie was this big, it was excellent excellent.”

“Tie my shoes real quick.”

“Hey Pee.”

“What are you doin’?  What are you doin’?” (to grandkids)

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