I first wanted one when I was about 13…

As most of the people I talk to regularly know, I’ve had corvettes on the brain for a few years now.  Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to have one, and now I finally do!  I have been trying to talk myself out of it recently, because they are sometimes trouble prone and can be expensive to maintain, but my wife actually talked me into it.  Monica wants me to be happy, and she is so very tired of looking at pictures of Corvettes, hearing stories about Corvettes, hearing me mumble in my sleep about Corvettes, etc.  For the record, I bought a 1996, which is the last year they made the C4 model.  It’s has an LT1 engine, conservatively rated at around 300hp.  Granted, it’s a ridiculous car, it’s too fast, costs too much to own, uses too much gas, and I hereby thank Monica for practically forcing me to buy it.   :)  Click the below pic to see more.


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