My niece and nephew go into business.


The following email was sent to me today from my brother Rick:

Anthony and Madelyn are currrently having their first ever lemondade stand.  They have a little table and chairs; a nice sign (Lemonade, 25 cents); and Madelyn has been yelling “lemonade for sale” for about two hours to every car and every person she sees.

They have made over 15 dollars so far!

The best part:  I have watched two transactions so far.  Both times a dollar was given to Anthony; and he gave them a cup or two of lemonade.  No change was offered.

When I asked him about it he said;   “its okay, they didn’t want the change”.

I explained to him that it is customery to offer the change.

Anthony disagreed, saying “if they want the change, they should ask”.

Madelyn is in full agreement with Anthony on this.

I don’t know if they will have any repeat customers.

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