The world lost a tough guy…

Cleo - King of the Living Room
Cleo - King of the Living Room

Written by Monica:

Martin, Tyler and I wanted everyone to know that earlier today we lost Cleo the cat. Cleo has been sick for the past year.  I made a quality of life appointment for him today and the vet agreed that Cleo was very ill, and he was not responding to numerous medications.  I made the decision that life in a cage was not for the once vibrant kitten that climbed curtains and towered shower stalls and cabinets. Cleo passed in typical Cleo fashion, growling at the vet and hissing at 1:00 pm July 12th. There will never be a unique cat like Cleo again. Cleo we will love and miss you.
For my part I’ll remember this as Cleo’s ultimate triumph:  Years ago Monica was outside talking to our neighbor and Cleo decided to walk along the top of the curtain at our back patio door.  Cleo falls from the top of the curtain, and hits the door lock on the way down.  Monica called me at work and I had to drive home because Cleo locked her out of the house.  He was a very bad kitten, but a great cat.

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