Cactus Cats update

So, I was fooling with the camera and noticed some pictures still on there.  Thought I’d post a quick update on Monica’s volunteer work with Cactus Cats.

Marmalade (Marmy) was a rescue Monica took in a while back…  She had been shot twice by some evil moron (People who torture animals are the lowest life form) and she was scared of everything when she arrived here.  She still has two slugs in her, but she has recovered and as you can see from this picture she has really walked into a pretty nice life:

As it turns out, Monica fostered Marmy’s kittens and we liked one in particular so much we kept him.  Here is a picture of Marmy with her son, the infamous Foster:  (Click on any picture to zoom.)

The most recent activity was around a mom cat named Sweeten (or Sweden, not sure) who unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of.  Sweeten had her kittens a little while back, and she has gone off to another foster house.  Here are her kittens just a few minutes ago:

There is actually one more kitten, but it looks just like the other orange ones.  🙂

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