Dallas – Update

So yesterday during the seeding round we managed to score 10 out of 15 possible points.  That should be more than enough to put us on the championship board tomorrow.  Today we have off while the singles events are running, so Charlie, Paul and I took a small side trip to the Dallas World Aquarium which is nearby.  Also went and saw where JFK was assassinated.  (I was surprised at how close the shooter was to the car.)

Some pics (and videos) below of the trip so far, some from the tournament, a few from today.  Videos at bottom of page.

Grassy knoll (Medium) Hotel (Medium) aquarium (3) (Medium) Aquarium sloth (Medium) tourney (Medium) aquarium (Medium) Paul aquarium (Medium) Ron Tourney (Medium) Lance Tourney (Medium) Chad Charlie (Medium) aquarium (2) (Medium) Paul Tourney (Medium) room (2) (Medium) room (3) (Medium) room (Medium)


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