Headlight refresh

I have an old car, a 2002 Lexus SC430. It looks like this: (older pic from a couple of months ago)

I’m pretty happy with it over all, it’s fun to drive. My only big complaint looks-wise were the headlights. They were yellowed from existing in the desert for almost 19 years. Here’s what they looked like this morning: (this is after being cleaned with a de-greaser and Windex)

So after some internet searching I found this stuff:

Basically put a generous amount on a soft cloth, and rub it in for three minutes. Then let it dry for a minute and it’ll look like this:

Then get a CLEAN, DIFFERENT cloth, and wipe off the haze, and you get pretty good results:

Keep in mind these look good enough, especially when you check Amazon to see how much it is to replace the headlight assembly. This is for just one side:

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