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Misc Rant… posted by Jilly

I have come to the realization that I hate most bumper stickers.

I hate the need people seem to have to express themselves on expensive cars (all cars are expensive whether it be a viper (probably not bumper sticker ridden) or an $800 rabbit)….they are literally vandalizing their own property to get out their ideas which let’s face it are probably ill-informed.

I especially hate people that cover the whole back of their car with bumper stickers. Today I saw one that was decked out in a myriad of “hey I’m a liberal” messages. Who cares? I’m Japanese! I’m a folk singer! I love origami! Why do I have to learn about you on the expressway? And as for their agenda and getting the word out; these folks remind me of the preachy God types -the people who shout the loudest about their beliefs rarely follow the path they are trying to lead everyone down.

On an up-note – I did see one I liked on the polluted car – it said, “I’m still angry with Yoko”….that’s just good sense…

Ol’ Yeller….Posted by Jill

We all play UNO -some more competively than others (you know who I mean -winter of 2001 in Morgantown, the color was made green intentionally). Question (and I have refrained from looking it up so that discussion would ensue)… If you have laid a wild w/ a draw four, were challenged and found to infact have the color being played-what happens next? Do you pick up four cards or six? Does the color change per your request even though you were “cheating”, or does it stay the same?

Best $18 spent….posted by Jill

This morning my old beaten up hair dryer died. It didn’t truly die even -it just started making a funny noise and blew some smoke. It was still running but I was afraid it would catch fire. I had that hair dryer for at least 7 years -maybe as many as 10 -it just wouldn’t die. I dropped it a thousand times -calling it everything but a hairdryer. I broke off the button that retraced the cord and it was still going strong….goodbye conair 750 – I won’t forget you.