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Aunt Jilly’s Famous Meat Sauce

Olive oil
Flat leaf Italian parsley
6 large cans whole tomatoes (peeled plum) – Jilly uses Cento San Marzano tomatoes
Lg. white onion
Pork loin ribs 2lbs (if desired)
Sweet and hot sausage (or whatever you want!) – 2lb
Ground beef 2lbs
2 cans tomato paste

(1) Put the tomatoes in the blender with each blend add some garlic cloves and parsley (about 3-4 gloves total and a handful of parsley)

(2) Put tomatoes in a large sauce pan on very low heat

(3) If adding pork, cook the pork in olive oil and place in sauce

(4) If adding sausage, cook the sausage in olive oil and place in sauce

Don’t replace olive oil, just keep adding if needed

(5) Cook the meatballs in the olive oil and place in the sauce

Don’t get rid of the used/cooked olive oil

(6) When all the meat is cooked, in the pan with the olive oil you used for all the meats, put 1 and 1/2 cans of tomato paste along with some diced onion and a paste can full of water. Put the heat up very high and stir continuously until the water is evaporated—this should take seconds. When the water is evaporated, put in the sauce.

Stir the sauce on the low heat every 15 minutes or so (you may need to turn up the heat after a while), stir and taste until the acid taste leaves the tomatoes.

Misc Rant… posted by Jilly

I have come to the realization that I hate most bumper stickers.

I hate the need people seem to have to express themselves on expensive cars (all cars are expensive whether it be a viper (probably not bumper sticker ridden) or an $800 rabbit)….they are literally vandalizing their own property to get out their ideas which let’s face it are probably ill-informed.

I especially hate people that cover the whole back of their car with bumper stickers. Today I saw one that was decked out in a myriad of “hey I’m a liberal” messages. Who cares? I’m Japanese! I’m a folk singer! I love origami! Why do I have to learn about you on the expressway? And as for their agenda and getting the word out; these folks remind me of the preachy God types -the people who shout the loudest about their beliefs rarely follow the path they are trying to lead everyone down.

On an up-note – I did see one I liked on the polluted car – it said, “I’m still angry with Yoko”….that’s just good sense…