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Pet Peeves….posted by Jill

I know it’s been a while -but a pet peeve showed it’s ugly face today. I was talking to my boss about coverage for my vacation time next week and a coworker shouted out, “oh, it must be nice”. Now, it’s true I use this phrase but it’s usually said sarcastically – and this was just a irritated remark, follwed by a big sigh; as if my coworker is trapped in a cage destined to work 19 hour shifts with no bathroom breaks. My response was -“it is nice -I’m fairly certain QVC provides you with vacation time as well”.  No retort was provided.

Ol’ Mr. Bipps posted by Jill

We’ll my old monitor (my fabulous Packard Bell purchased in 1995) finally died. For weeks I’ve been hitting it and shaking it to get the brightness back and it finally just wouldn’t “brighten up” anymore no matter how much I beat it repeatedly. I bit the bullet and purchased a new 17″ flat screen and it’s fabulous. More importantly, I also sprung for an actual desk chair and I am replacing my Mr. Bipps seat. I probably won’t throw it away -at least not anytime soon -but thank God I won’t be agonizing in it behind my PC….It’s a good chair for eating wing dings -but not for homework/ surfing the net hour after hour….:)