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The improbable president…

I saw this poster for Oliver Stone’s upcoming movie, “W”, and just had to post it.



Allow me to share some of my favorites that did not make the poster:

“This is Preservation Month. I appreciate preservation. It’s what you do when you run for president. You gotta preserve.” – Speaking during “Perseverance Month” at Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, NH (01-28-00)

“As you can possibly see, I have an injury myself – not here at the hospital, but in combat with a cedar tree. I eventually won. The cedar gave me a little scratch.” – After visiting with wounded veterans from the Amputee Care Center of Brooke Army Medical Center (01-01-06)

“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got lots of numbers in it.” – Quoted by Reuters (05-05-00)

And of course, “Rarely is the question asked ‘Is our children learning?'”

Dangers of a Turbocharged Economy

Reprinted from the NY Times.

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