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The end of an era for the Steelers

Long one of my family’s favorite Steelers, Hines Ward may be coming to the end of his career in Pittsburgh, although certainly not of his own choosing.  Click the picture for an article describing the circumstances.  I certainly hope things get reversed, and Ward gets enough plays this season to meet the goals he has set for himself.  I understand making changes to give the Steelers the best chance to win, but it would be hard to convince me our chances are better with Ward on the sidelines.

Hines Ward is a favorite in my house because he is what professional football players should aspire to be:  Tough as nails, classy, and a consummate professional.  Ward rarely complains, he rarely over-celebrates, and he can be counted on to either make the big play or block for the guy making the big play.  In other words, he’s the ultimate team player.