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Indian Butter Chicken, Jilly-Style

Fry up some chicken thighs in butter, set aside.

Dice up a few onions, and fry them in the butter.


Add a bunch of garam masala, cumin, cayenne pepper to the onions, and maybe a little olive oil.


Shred the chicken, throw it in there with a can of diced tomatoes, a can of peas, and a can of tomato sauce.


After you let the chicken mixture cook for a bit, add a pint of heavy whipping cream and some red food coloring.  Then eat it.  Over rice.


Dallas – New update

So today began the single-elimination round of the TAP Nationals tournament.  There is a lot of great competition, and all day each team we faced was better than the last.

Somehow we managed to win through all day today, and made it to the final four.

Tomorrow will decide who the champions are, but we’ve already exceeded any reasonable expectations.


Ol’ Yeller….Posted by Jill

We all play UNO -some more competively than others (you know who I mean -winter of 2001 in Morgantown, the color was made green intentionally). Question (and I have refrained from looking it up so that discussion would ensue)… If you have laid a wild w/ a draw four, were challenged and found to infact have the color being played-what happens next? Do you pick up four cards or six? Does the color change per your request even though you were “cheating”, or does it stay the same?

Stolen by accident..posted by Jill

So -I’m at good ol’ pathmark and there is a buy 1 get TWO free of this crappy brand laundry detergent..but for $6.49 you get like 360oz -so I can’t pass it up. When I get to the register -the monitor behind the cashier looks as though I got charged for two -so I tell her about the promo and point out the mistake. She quickly adjusts my total. Later on my way home I notice on my sales receipt -not one was rang up…